Morz Image Converter

A simple software to convert between image formats because manual converting images is tedious job.

Currently it supports up to top four image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. These are the only image formats that are frequently used in web, slide presentation and commercial business.

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Batch Conversion
Convert all images in a folder, or just one file by using one click of button
Colorful Status
User can easily see conversion status, success or fail, by different row colors. This will help user to quickly find problematic images and fix the problem.
Simple UI
The software is using KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple). All UI has been designed carefully to make it easy to use.
Automatic folder creation
User can select an option to create output folder automatically so all converted files can be organize easily.
Compact Installer
Morz Image Converter comes in an easy installer, no need to copy files to install.